Humanities 370 Career Course

Humanities 370 (HUM-370) is a career preparation course taught by the Career Education Center staff. It is designed to provide students with knowledge of the professional skills, behaviors andHUMclass career competencies necessary for a successful pre-professional internship experience and their future career development.

HUM 370 is a requirement for English, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Women's & Gender Studies majors who are enrolled in the 370 internship course for their major. The HUM-370 class is taken concurrently with the discipline-specific internship and 370 course and requires department consent.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of HUM-370, students will be able to:

  1. Define how their internship learning goals connect to their major or future career interests
  2. Identify the skills, qualities, and work expectations that employers look for today
  3. Assess their strengths, interests and values to explore roles that might be a good fit
  4. Conduct career research through online resources and people
  5. Build a network for future employment or graduate school
  6. Create an effective resume and cover letter that markets key accomplishments
  7. Understand how to prepare for, practice for, and effectively interview
  8. Develop their confidence when working in a professional setting

The Enrollment Process

  1. Talk to Your Faculty - Discuss the option of doing an internship for 4 or 8 credits with your respective Department Chair or faculty advisor
  2. Contact the CEC - Contact Clare Feiner, Assistant Director, Career Coaching & Programming, to meet to discuss your potential enrollment in HUM-370 (, 617-521-2488) and to obtain the necessary Student Information form for enrollment.
  3. Secure an Internship - Begin by reviewing Six Steps to Finding an Internship.  Additional information about internships can be found on the Pursue an Internship page and below.
  4. Obtain Consent - Once you have secured an internship, contact your Department Chair for consent to enroll in both the department 370 and HUM-370 courses. You will be enrolled by the Registrar following receipt of the department's consent e-mail.

Already Enrolled?

Then you're all set to go! Log in to the HUM-370 Moodle site and get started exploring the course syllabus, class schedule, and more.

Selected Online Resources to Locate Internships

Consider using the following resources to help you locate an internship site:

  • HUM-370 Internships Guide - The Simmons Library and CEC developed this guide specifically to help students interested in or enrolled in HUM-370 to research and locate an internship site for the course. Within the guide the internship sites and links are organized by major. 
  • Handshake - The Simmons online job board, maintained by the CEC. It lists internship and job postings that are updated daily. Dozens of new job and internship listings are posted to Handshake each week. Use keyword search to target the type of organizations and opportunities you seek.
  • Library Internship Guide - The Simmons Library also has links to numerous websites that provide information about internship opportunities. Get started by logging onto the Internship Career Guide. 
  • OneSource: Use OneSource to find both top-line information and in-depth intelligence on industries, companies (both public and private), executives and corporate family structures. OneSource contains information from more than 2,500 data sources, including market research, analyst reports, regulatory filings, news releases and much more.