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Welcome First Year Seminar students!

Attending college is an adventure of self-discovery and discovering your life's work is part of that adventure. The Career Education Center (CEC) is committed to helping you discover your passion and how to link that passion to lifelong purpose.

This page provides the following resources for the career assignments in your First Year Seminar: 

Class 6: Value Identification and Goal Setting

In Class 6, Value Identification and Goal Setting, you will:

  • Become familiar with resources provided by the Career Education Center
  • Understand the importance of early, systematic and frequent work with a career coach
  • Identify values, set goals and begin to align your sense of purpose with a career
  • Be introduced to the idea of self-discovery

Class Assigned Self-Assessment Exercises

Self-assessment is a process by which you learn more about yourself. It can help you identify what's most important to you so that you can make informed and meaningful decisions. When deciding on a major or career, you may find it helpful to first identify your VIPS (Values, Interests, Personality preferences, and Strengths).

Although the following exercises are undertaken independently as assignments for your First Year Seminar, you are welcome to work with a career coach to review the exercise results to determine their significance in your decision-making.

Class Assignments

  1. TypeFocus™ - Personality Assessment

    TypeFocus Careers helps you understand your personality style and natural temperament for greater self-awareness to make informed career decisions and provides several personalized reports on the following topics:

    • What career choices fit with my personality? (Report assigned for class)
    • How can I improve my chances for getting a job?
    • How can I get along with people better?
    • What are my learning style strengths?
  2. Values

    Clarifying your most important values is critical for your personal and professional fulfillment. When your values are in synch with your work and life you feel most satisfied and happy. Access the Self-Assessment: Work Values exercise here.

If you would like to do more assessments then just those assigned for class, check out the Career Toolkit Assessment page.

Suggested post assessment activities

Want to learn more about what you can do with a particular major that interests you?

What Can I Do With This Major? - This online resource provides detailed employment information for over 75 different majors, including potential areas of employment, types of employers and occupations, and strategies to pursue and obtain those jobs.

Want to explore a particular major, occupation or career?

The Career Toolkit Explore Majors and Careers Explore Majors and Careers page provides more on this topic with links to additional resources.

Resume Workshops

"The resume workshop gave me a new view on how my college resume should be formed and written differently than the one I had from high school. The templates from the resume workshop were easy to follow and made re-vamping my resume much easier."
-- Marlena Vitali, Class of 2015

All first year students are required to attend one Resume Workshop. This workshop will serve as an introduction to the many services and resources offered by the Career Education Center. Attendance is mandatory as this information is a vital first step in your personal career education journey.

The resume workshop will help you either create or improve your current resume. You do not need to bring a resume to this workshop. One of the career coaches will facilitate the workshop, provide you with the information you need to write a professional resume and answer any questions you may have.

Additional helpful resources for resume writing and sample resumes can be found on the Career Toolkit Write a Resume page.

STEPS Career Development Plan Checklist

Congratulations! By participating in these Class 6 self-assessment activities, and writing your resume, you have completed the First Step in the STEPS Career Development Plan Checklist, an action plan for you to follow during your time at Simmons to help you acquire knowledge about yourself, career paths, and academic and career opportunities.

You can download a Word document version of the STEPS Career Development Plan Checklist and save it to your Google site to track your progress during your time at Simmons.

Check out the STEPS Career Development Plan

To learn more about the STEPS Career Development Plan based on the 5 Step Model and developed specifically for Simmons undergraduate students, visit the STEPS Plan page.

Find a Job or Internship

Check out CA$H for on-campus and work-study jobs, CareerLink for internships and full-time jobs, and the other job boards and resources we've compiled.

Meet with a Career Coach

Wondering where to start? Let us help. Drop by Monday or Tuesday from 3:00-4:30 or Wednesday or Thursday from 1:30-3:00; or, make an appointment at a time convenient to you.

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