Majors and Careers

The CEC uses a comprehensive 5 Step Career Development Model to support students in their career decision making. The first two steps, Assessment and Exploration, play an important role in helping students make decisions about majors and careers.


During the first step, Assessment, students collect information about themselves to help make informed career decisions. This self-assessment helps students determine their VIPS - values, interests, personality traits, and skills. The CEC provides self-assessment inventories to assist students with this process and a career coach will meet with your student to discuss the results and make appropriate suggestions.

Once students begin to identify the ingredients of a good "fit" for themselves they can connect this information to possible majors and careers. Additional assessment resources can also be found in the Simmons Library Self-Assessment Career Guide.


Connecting possible careers to a major is a challenge for many students. Through the second step in the CEC's career development process, Exploration, students explore and research their options. The CEC helps students learn how to do career research and conduct informational interviews as part of this career exploration.

The following are resources to aid students in this exploration process:

  • What Can I Do With this Major? - students can click on majors of interest to see outlines of common career areas, employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities in that field.
  • Simmons Library Career Exploration guide - this guide has additional resources students need to learn about different careers, check the projected demand for various positions, find out salary ranges, and more.
  • Simmons Undergraduate Majors, Minors and Programs - students can also gather information about over 40 majors offered at Simmons.
  • Meet with a career coach - when it comes to choosing a major or career direction, meeting with a CEC coach can be very helpful. Encourage your student to make an appointment with a career coach for personalized career coaching on choosing a major and its related career options.

For More Information

Learn more about how you can help your student around majors and careers by visiting Helping Your Student Succeed and Articles & Resources for parents and families, both in this section.