For Parents & Families

parents with a student

As the parent or family member of a Simmons student you may be asking how you can be most helpful to your student as she journeys through her college years toward the ultimate destination of a career and employment.

The transition from college to career is a giant step in your student's life and often filled with anxiety. Your student may feel pressured to find "the answer" to what's next. She may feel unsure of the multiple options, from finding work, to going to graduate school, to taking an interim position, to taking time off to travel or volunteer.

We want you to know that the Career Education Center is here to support her. Our goal is to help undergraduate students make informed and meaningful career decisions. Our team of professional career coaches are experts in preparing students to make the transition from school to work and in identifying opportunities in employment and further education. Through our one-on-one coaching, skill-building workshops, employer recruiting programs, and other initiatives the CEC team provides Simmons students with the knowledge and skills they need for lifelong career management.

Learn more below and throughout this section.

CEC Philosophy

The CEC adheres to a five-step career development model to guide our activities and programs with all students. For undergraduates this developmental model is embodied in the STEPS Career Development Plan, a four-year plan that we recommend for all students. You can learn more about the STEPS Plan here.

We also give the following general advice to all Simmons undergraduate students:

Start career planning early to determine your career goals

Acquire the skills and experience employers seek not only through academics but through internships, work-study jobs, service learning, study abroad, student leadership, and other co-curricular activities

Develop an understanding of career management and of how to develop an individual strategic action plan.

CEC Services and Resources

The CEC services for undergraduates, which include career coaching, skill-building workshops, employer and recruiting events, two online job boards, and more are detailed on the CEC Services page. The career resources maintained by the CEC as well as the research staff in the Simmons Library are notable for their breadth and depth and are repeatedly recognized by The Princeton Review.

Helping Your Student Succeed

We recognize that your student's success is a collaborative effort, one that engages not only the student but parents and families as well. There are many ways which you can support your student through her academic and career journey and we encourage you to visit the Helping Your Student Succeed section of this site for tips and ideas, links, resources, articles, information on majors and careers and more.


We also know that a Simmons education is a sustained investment of time, of effort, and of money and that a rewarding career is one of its most sought-after outcomes. Visit the Outcomes page to learn more about where Simmons students go in the workplace, both during and after their time at Simmons.

Be a Resource to Simmons

Parents and families are also a valuable part of the Simmons career-learning community. There are many ways in which families can contribute to the community that are non-financial, career-related, and of tangible benefit to current Simmons students. We welcome your participation and encourage you to learn more on our Be a Resource page.


For other career-related questions and concerns we encourage you to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for parents and families.