Post Jobs and Internships

Employers seeking to hire Simmons students and alumnae/i can use two different online job boards for recruitment purposes. The two job boards are CareerLink, for off-campus opportunities, and CA$H, for on-campus and work-study positions.


CareerLink is the primary Simmons online job posting service for internships, full-time jobs, and other off-campus work opportunities, including part-time jobs and fellowships. By registering and creating an employer contact profile, you will be able to post jobs to Simmons students and alumnae/i, sign up for on-campus career fairs and recruiting events, view the resumes of students that have been posted to the system, and more.

To find out more, visit the CareerLink page, or register for CareerLink here.

If you are already are registered for CareerLink, and would like to log in, you can access the website here:

to CareerLink

CA$H (Convenient Access to Student Hires)

Off-campus not-for-profit employers looking for student employees during the school year can also hire work-study students through our CA$H system. Sixty percent of an off-campus work-study student's wages are paid through their work-study award, while the remaining 40% is paid by their off-campus employer.

Please note that off-campus work-study employment can only be completed at not-for-profit organizations by students with work-study awards granted through Student Financial Services (work-study awards are typically made only to undergraduate students). Employers must provide proof of their not-for-profit status before registering in CA$H.

Simmons faculty and staff seeking to hire a student for on-campus employment should also use the CA$H student employment system. Visit the Faculty and Staff Hire a Student page.

To find out more, see the CA$H page or register for CA$H.

If you are already registered for CA$H, and would like to log in, you can access the website here:

to CA$H

PLEASE NOTE: While CA$H and CareerLink appear similar, they are separate databases and systems and require that you register separately for each (i.e., if you register for CA$H but not CareerLink and attempt to log in to CareerLink using your CA$H user name and password, you will not be able to log in).

Questions about Posting Jobs & Internships at Simmons?

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