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Still need a fall internship?

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College Intern in office.jpgWelcome back!

You've had a great summer break and you're back on campus, rested and ready to go -- but wait! How about that fall internship you were supposed to research and land over the summer? For that  -370 or above class? Whoops. . .

Take heart. You're not out of luck yet. You'll need to move quickly, but you have several resources at your disposal:

First, you should meet and discuss possible resources with your faculty advisor and/or department internship director. He or she should have several suggestions to offer.

Second, you should check out the Simmons online job board, CareerLink. Last week alone we posted over 130 new listings, including full-time jobs and internships. Employers are still posting fall internship openings, knowing that students are just returning to campus now. While many are unpaid, some are paid as well. 

Third, you have access to a unique Simmons resource: the PIN, or Peer Internship Network. The PIN is the  brainchild of a recent Simmons alum who wanted to facilitate networking around internships among Simmons students who had done an internship and those seeking one. The PIN can be accessed via a tab in your CareerLink login. It is fully searchable and there are currently dozens of listiings there. Check out the places previous students have interned, then contact one of these "peer mentors" to find out more.   

Fourth, don't forget the Beatley Library Career Resource guides. There are more than 60 of them, most providing career resources in specific disciplines, one for every major and academic program here at  Simmons, eg, Biology Careers Guide, English Careers Guide, etc. Other career guides address key career topics, such as Resumes, Networking. . . and Internships! Multiple internship sources abound within each of these guides. You can also set up an appointment to meet with one of the Research Librarians who specializes on resources in your field.  

Fifth, certain websites are very useful for locating internships. InternHub posts hundreds if not thousands of opportunities from Greater Boston businesses seeking student interns. And don't forget the big aggregator websites, such as Indeed amd Simply Hired. They "scrape" websites for all available job and internship opportunities and pull them into one convenient site. Set the search filters to suit your needs - eg, "Communications" and "Boston".

Finally, you can always visit the CEC and meet with a career coach to discuss your needs and get more focus. Contact us by phone or e-mail, or visit us during drop-in hours. Whatever issues you are facing, a coach can help.

It's not too late yet, but the grains of sand are slipping through the hourglass, so act now. Good luck!