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Those mighty ducks

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"What's with all the ducks?" a student recently asked. 

If you've ever visited the Career Education Center, you too may have wondered about the rubber ducks that are displayed throughout the office suite.   A rather large Mama Duck, surrounded by baby ducks, is perched on a front desk between a sign urging students to like us on Facebook and a plastic "Career Toolkit" filed with toy tools representing career tools (resume, interviewing etc.) .  Ducks of various sizes, colors and costumes nest in every office.   In my office alone, fifteen rubber career ducks,  firefighter, nurse, chef, teacher, athlete, rock star, doctor - to name a few - roost atop the bookcase.  A holiday snowman duck, a gift from a first year student, recently joined the crew, so the collection continues to grow.
And the CEC adds to this proliferation of ducks on campus by giving them away to students.  First years who attended our resume workshops received rubber ducks emblazoned with the CEC website address.  Seniors who take our Humanities 370 class get ducks dressed in graduation gear when they finish the course.  Students who participated in a recent career workshop got "lucky ducks".  So... what's with all the ducks?

The ducks are the CEC's way of reminding students to "Get your ducks in a row."   When we use that expression, an American idiom that means get organized and prepared,  we're urging students to do the things they need to do to be ready to take the next step - whatever that step may be.  For example, if you are wondering what you can do with your major career-wise, you first assess your values, interests, personal preferences and skills, and then explore possible career directions that are a good fit before you make a decision.  If you have a job interview, you first research the organization, prepare answers to interview questions and then practice what to say aloud before you go on an interview.  You get the idea - Wherever you are in the process and whatever your career goals, it's best to get organized and be prepared.

It's January, the first month of a new year and the perfect time to get all your ducks in a row!



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