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Seniors, snag a "job search buddy"

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It's an exciting time with graduation approaching, but don't forget to set aside some time to start gearing up for your job search! You will soon encounter many challenges as you begin seeking job opportunities and there's so much to be mindful of---your strategy, networking, resume, interviewing, leads, and an elevator speech, the list goes on and on!  It can be a difficult road to travel alone, so why not get resourceful and find a job search buddy to make the process a little easier? 

Why a job search buddy?  The benefits are many:    

  •  Built in accountability.  Someone who will check in regularly to report out on progress, help set goals and plan action steps.  
  •  New perspectives and ideas.  Put your heads together to solve problems that come up. Brainstorm and evaluate possible solutions to create a plan of action. Use your buddy as a sounding  board. They won't hand you solutions to your challenges, but a buddy can broaden your thinking.
  •  Spotting new opportunities.  Keep each other in mind as you make new discoveries and meet new people. Share any opportunities you uncover.
  •  Support!  Just being connected with someone who cares about your progress, shares in your successes, listens to you vent, and gets you moving again when you are stuck, can make the  job hunting process so much easier 

 Tips on structuring a buddy system relationship to help you reach your goals:  

  • Set up regular check-in times in person, by phone or email, perhaps on a weekly basis.
  • Define a set length of time to converse, such as half an hour. 
  • Always commit to next steps by documenting what you and your buddy will accomplish before your next meeting. 
  • Keep the relationship reciprocal. When collaborating, make sure each of you gets a similar amount of time. 

In the shortrun, it is very likely that pairing up with a buddy will make the job search seem more manageable and in the longrun actually result in a more focused effective job campaign.

For additions resources and services to assist with seeking employment, review Manage Your Job Search in the CEC Career Toolkit, and set an appointment with a career coach.