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On demand: Job search resources 24/7

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You find yourself needing advice on the interview you have tomorrow, or a potential employer requests your resume ASAP or it's winter break and you have been procrastinating, but suddenly get the urge to start your job search NOW!

There may not be an opportunity to schedule an appointment with a CEC career coach, but there is a broad scope of virtual career resources right at your fingertips. Two examples of online resources that are rich in job search information and guidance are the Beatly Library's Career Guides and the Career Toolkit on the CEC's website. 

Another quick source of job search tips and advice on the CEC website is Career Spots, which makes it easy to access real world job search advice 24/7 from trusted  professionals who work in the recruiting field! These one to three minute videos provide current job search information in a concise  and entertaining manner, and cover 36 career topics, including:    

Check out the CEC website for a full array of career topics.