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Avoiding common job search mistakes can help you stand out from the crowd

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In many ways, today's college students have a real leg up on the competition when entering the workforce.  They bring to the table a host of technological skills that can often elude older workers, and grew up in a world of social media, putting them in an excellent position to provide guidance to any employer on how to navigate that world.  Additionally, students come out of college knowing the most-up-to-date information in their field of study, giving them an advantage over more veteran employees who may have not brushed up their knowledge of current practices in some time.

However, there are sometimes key mistakes recent college graduates can make when applying for their first post-collegiate employment. recently posted a photo gallery focusing on six mistakes frequently made by Millenials in their early job searches, with three focused on resumes and three in interviews.  These include listing work and academic experiences as if they were job descriptions rather than showing what was achieved in the role, not conducting enough research before interviewing, and not thinking through follow-up correspondence after a job interview. also recently posted an article on the mistakes 20-something job seekers make.

How can Simmons students avoid these common pitfalls awaiting many young job seekers?  Check out our website's Career Toolkit to find out more about resume writing and interviewing, look up some of the CareerSpots videos offered through our office about the job search process, and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our career coaches to develop a personalized job search strategy.  By avoiding the same mistakes other new graduates make, Simmons students can show employers the value of their education and stand out from the crowd.

Photo Source: Brazen Careerist