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Working it: getting the most out of internships and student employment

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Many students take on part-time employment opportunities and paid internships while in college to help pay for tuition and necessities, and also to have some extra cash on-hand for the weekends. While money may be the primary motivation in these types of employment opportunities, all student employment roles (not just internships) can also help college students build the skills and experience they will need to succeed in the working world.

U.S. News & World Report, as part of their annual college issue, has recently published a couple of articles on getting the most out of working while in college (yes, there is more to those magazine issues than just college rankings).  These include a list of the top resume-building student employment jobs and tips on getting the most out of your internship

To find out more about student employment opportunities while at Simmons, check out our web pages on CA$H for on-campus and work-study employment, and CareerLink for off-campus part-time and internship opportunities (CareerLink is also our online job board for full-time job opportunities). You can also meet with a career coach to find out more about how to get the most out of your current student employment opportunty, and to find out how your experiences in that role can help improve your chances at obtaining full-time work in your field of choice after you graduate.  There is more to life (including work) than just money, and getting the most out of your work now will pay divendends (both financial and non-financial) in the years to come.

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