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Keep track of your accomplishments!

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the-secret-to-getting-a-raise-or-promotion-L-PQXacH-175x130.jpegStarting a new job or internship this fall?  Put "keep track of my accomplishments" on your to-do list.  This record keeping will pay off when it comes time for a performance review and you can easily document your contributions.  You'll also have the information you need to update your resume, or prepare for an interview when you're in a job search.

Wondering what constitutes an accomplishment?  Review your job responsibilities or daily tasks and consider what you have successfully achieved that day or week.  Then determine the impact of that action. What added value or positive outcome did it have?  Use the C A R method to get started:

What was the Challenge (task, problem or opportunity) that I had?   As an RA I was responsible for planning programs to help new students connect to Simmons.

What Action did I take?  I planned and led several fun programs to help students get to know each other and learn more about the university.

What was the Result (added value, positive outcome or benefit)?   Students expressed how much better connected they felt to other floor residents and to the school by the end of the fall term.

Using that information, write a statement that reflects your accomplishment:  Planned and facilitated social programs for 25 first year students, successfully fostering a sense of community.                                                                                                                                                    

What's the best way to keep track of your accomplishments?  That's up to you.   For some, maintaining an old school manila folder where you keep work samples, thank you notes etc. works well.  For others, keeping a spreadsheet, journal, daily calendar or online portfolio is a better approach.  You might also consider using a free app like WorkSmart and track your accomplishments using your smart phone.  No matter what system you  use, the important thing is - to do it!

Additional information about writing accomplishments can be found on the Write a Resume page of the Career Toolkit.



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