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Try some painless summer networking

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It's already August and time is fleeting.  When classes ended in May, it seemed you had plenty of time to put all those plans you made for the summer into action.  Now those back-to-school ads on TV are gently reminding you that September and classes are only a few weeks away.  Fear not. There is still time to have some fun and keep your resolution to get serious about your career plans before Labor Day arrives.  Just incorporate networking - the most effective job search strategy- into your late summer fun!  Summer gatherings and informal social events are great ways to meet people outside your usual circle.  And meeting people and having conversations is the essence of networking.

Is there a block party in your neighborhood that you haven't attended since junior high?  Stop by and check in with your neighbors.  They'll be happy to see you and Mrs. Jones might just be the connection you need for a potential internship.

Are you avoiding the big family party because you can think of many more exciting ways to spend your time? Reframe it as a painless networking opportunity.  Asking your family for help with finding professional contacts for your job or internship search is a time honored tradition.

Make the most of these last weeks of summer vacation and check out Eight Places to Painlessly Network.  Find additional information about this important skill on our website's Optimize Your Networking page.