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Our colleagues in the Beatley Library have been hard at work this summer developing new career resources for Simmons students and alums. Among these new resources, just launched, is the new Career Guide entitled Career Resources for Diverse Populations.

Pulled together in one guide are separate sub-guides with career resources for the following populations at Simmons:

You probably know that you can set up to meet with a career coach here in the CEC, but did you know you can meet with a librarian specfically on career matters of interest to you? Conact Career Librarian Jennifer Ferguson at 617-521-2777, or Her office is in Beatley Library at LIB115. 

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Starting at Simmons this Fall?  While you probably already have a lot on your mind, it is never too early to begin thinking about the next steps in building your life. Recently, the Boston Globe published an article laying out the steps you can take now, as you start your time at college, to get a jump start on the career planning process.

An important point made by the article is that you do not need to focus on a career-specific major, such as one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors, to find gainful employment after you graduate.  The article makes the point that, in fact, without the motivation of actually enjoying one of those subjects, it may be difficult to complete the classes required by a STEM major.

In addition to the steps laid out by the Boston Globe article, the Career Education Center has a step-by-step guide to the career planning process for your time in college.  Interested in creating your own custom career plan?  Meet with one of our career coaches, and we will get you started on the path from college to career!

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It's already August and time is fleeting.  When classes ended in May, it seemed you had plenty of time to put all those plans you made for the summer into action.  Now those back-to-school ads on TV are gently reminding you that September and classes are only a few weeks away.  Fear not. There is still time to have some fun and keep your resolution to get serious about your career plans before Labor Day arrives.  Just incorporate networking - the most effective job search strategy- into your late summer fun!  Summer gatherings and informal social events are great ways to meet people outside your usual circle.  And meeting people and having conversations is the essence of networking.

Is there a block party in your neighborhood that you haven't attended since junior high?  Stop by and check in with your neighbors.  They'll be happy to see you and Mrs. Jones might just be the connection you need for a potential internship.

Are you avoiding the big family party because you can think of many more exciting ways to spend your time? Reframe it as a painless networking opportunity.  Asking your family for help with finding professional contacts for your job or internship search is a time honored tradition.

Make the most of these last weeks of summer vacation and check out Eight Places to Painlessly Network.  Find additional information about this important skill on our website's Optimize Your Networking page.

Career Crossroads Signpost.jpgWhile much of the work we do here in the Career Education Center focuses on our current student population of undergraduates and grad students, the CEC staff also works with Simmons alumnae/i. We recognize that career management is an ongoing need, and we are here to help alums address that need over the course of their careers. In fact the CEC coaching staff all has experience dealing with mid-career and senior level individuals through work outside the college in career transition and outplacement firms. 

Among the depth of resources available to Simmons alums is a unique six-part program called "Career Health for Women in Transition." Developed by CEC Director Andrea Wolf, Career Health is a transformational coaching method designed to empower individuals to effectively manage their career and life transitions. Wolf has successfully delivered this program for six semesters to over 50 Simmons alumni who were at the crossroads of considering a career change, re-entering the job market, or exploring new directions in Second Adulthood.

Through its unique five Pathway process, alumnae/i are able to develop a new lens for making personal and strategic career choices. Here is what one seminar participant had to say:

"[The Career Health program] provided an opportunity to align my inner needs, values and interests to a work option. The course allows women to realize what their needs are, how they change and differ from early career needs, and to open possibilities so that our life works."

Do you feel as though you have reached a crossroads or are facing a transition to a next phase in your life or career? If so, the Career Health program might be right for you. The fall Career Health course starts on October 2 and the deadline to register is September 16. To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit the Navigating Career Transitions page in the Alumnae/i section of the CEC website, or call the CEC at 617-521-2488. And good luck!