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Employers are looking for . . . .??

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employers looking for.jpgHave you thought about what employers are looking for in job candidates?  Internships are golden--do as many as you can during your college career!  But there's much more!  Take action on those things that will position you to effectively market yourself upon graduation. Several career professionals reflect on four of these key elements in How to Market Yourself After College: 

1) In a competitive job market pay attention to selling your brand, inotherwords, be expert at telling your own story.  

2) Bulid your network through informational interviews and LinkedIn

3) Find a mentor; be taken seriously in your field.  

4) Understand how employers make hiring decisions

Hopefully, the following won't come as a surprise.  Employers responding to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Job Outlook 2013 survey indicate that relevant work experience and GPA are important, but that it's clearly the "soft skills" that make a candidate stand out.  There's a wealth of opportunity during your college career to develop the Top10 Skills for Job Candidates that employers want! In a nutshell, employers look for "good communicators who can make decisions and solve problems while working effectively as part of a team."

It's a great idea to make a roadmap of how you will leverage your college experience to gain the experience and skills that you will in the near future market to employers.  It is never too early to meet with a CEC career coach, who can assist you in creating a step by step career plan to help you prepare for graduation and attain your goals.