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A little Exploration can go a long way

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With the job market gradually improving but still very tight, "any port in a storm" can seem like a useful motto for job seekers.  However, with most full-time jobs taking up half or more of your waking hours each week, that "just-for-now" job can quickly turn into a "will it ever end" nightmare. recently posted a photo essay listing the "worst" companies to work for, according to research done by the business news website 24/7 Wall St using the employer-review website Glassdoor.  Frequently cited in this article are companies that have lousy supervisors, no respect for work-life balance, and senior management that just doesn't get it.  At one of these companies, and others too, there may be a soul-sucking, head-on-a-desk-pounding job waiting for you!

But avoiding a terrible job and finding one that is a great fit, at a company that wants you there and that you want to be at, is as easy as doing a little research. This research is the essence of the 2nd step in the Career Education Center's career development plan: Exploration.

The tools you can to use to sidestep a career morass include:

  • Internet Research (the Beatley Library Online Career Guides are an excellent source of information)
  • Networking & Informational Interviewing (including interviewing alumnae/i of Simmons and professionals working at companies you are interested in)
  • Internships
  • Volunteering
  • Attending Career Fairs and Employer Events
  • Job Shadowing
  • Joining a Professional Association

To find out more about these tools to find a job you love (and not one you loathe), check out our webpage on exploring majors and careers, and to determine how to use them in a way that works for you, set up an appointment to meet with one of our career coaches.  We want to work with you to not just find a job, but the job and career path that's right for you!

Photo Source: Business Chicks