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Yes, you can - network!

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Recently I received a very nice thank you note from a former student in the CEC's Humanities 370 class,  a career preparation course taught by the CEC staff. A new grad, Sarah wrote that although she hadn't fully appreciated what she was learning at the time, she was now experiencing the benefit.  Indeed, the various class assignments, considered "quite a pain", were actually great preparation for conducting a real job search.  Now confidently conducting informational interviews, she saw it really was possible "to create an extensive professional network".  Sweet music to a career coach's ears!

Like others in her cohort, this new grad soon realized that an effective job search involved more than just responding to online job postings.  She remembered that networking by doing informational interviews was a more powerful approach. But without this prior learning or practice in this skill, many new grads are at a disadvantage in knowing how to get started.  Some express concern that they don't know anyone or have any contacts. 

Good news - you already have a network!   You just need some help in identifying the people who would love to talk with you.  Begin by reading, How to Identify Your Existing Network, for networking tips and insights.  Then for a step-by-step approach, including an Informational Interview Tutorial, check out Optimize Your Networking on the Career Toolkit.

Still an undergrad and want to be prepared like Sarah before you graduate?  Explore doing an internship and taking Humanities 370 in your junior or senior year!