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Commencement has now come and gone, and if you are part of the  Simmons College Class of 2013, you are now making the transition from college life to the real world.  However, just because your time at Simmons has come to a close doesn't mean that you have to make this major life change without some help from the Career Education Center and Simmons.  We have published a brand new College to Career guide, available on our website.  Feel free to also check out the numerous other online Career Guides, available through the Beatley Library's Career Resources website.

In addition to this new guide, alumnae/i of Simmons College can continue to meet or conduct phone appointments with career coaches free of charge (up to 4 times per year), attend our on-campus career fairs, and use our online job board, CareerLink.  Even though you may no longer be lining up at the Fens for lunch or working out at Holmes, you are still a part of Simmons, and the Career Education Center is here to help you with all of your career-related needs.

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Informational interviews can play an integral role in your job search! You create the opportunity to talk with people to gain a better understanding of your field of interest and at the same time create an opportunity to market yourself and "get known" to employers   (It's not surprising that hiring managers prefer to hire people who they know, or someone who they trust knows!).  What is an informational interview?  It is a half-hour meeting for which you prepare questions in advance and ask for career information, advice and referrals.  The purpose is NOT to ask for a job, but to research an industry, organization, or job role.

The benefits are many!  You gain an "insider's view" of the workplace, find out where you fit, and clarify your next steps. In addition you learn about skills needed to be effective and discover new opportunities.  All this with the added bonus of building your confidence for a job interview! 

Of course staying in touch after your meeting is key so that the employer will remeber you when an opportunity comes up. Keep your job search moving forward and enjoy meeting interesting professionals who are more than willing to help you by sharing information and advice. To get started, go to the CEC website featuring "How To" resources on networking and informational interviews. Also check out the Quint Careers tutorial on informational interviews and then consider setting up an appointment with a career coach.

New grad? more advice!

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It's the Monday after graduation, the strains of Pomp and Circumstance have faded and the inspirational speeches, and happiness of commencement day have left you with a warm afterglow .  Life after college has offically begun.  For some new grads, graduate school, law school or medical school is in your immediate future.  For others, post undergraduate education lies farther afield, with finding a job your more urgent goal.  

No matter what your circumstances, as new grads you will be the recipient of much well-meaning advice.  While it's important to "find and pursue your passion" as we say in career services, it also can be helpful to ponder some real world suggestions about life.  Professor Jeff DeGraff, University of Michigan shares a few in The Graduation Speech I Didn't Give.

As for career advice or help with a job search, don't forget that as a Simmons alum you continue to have access to career coaching and resources at the CEC. Be sure to check out all the alumnae/i services and resources provided through the Career Education Center.


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Well, seniors - classes and exams are finished, it's Senior Week, the family's coming to town at the end of the week, and it's all over this Friday, so. . .C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S! Woo hoo! You made it.

So now what? Following on from Roxanne's previous post linking to a great compendium of advice for graduating seniors is this article. It comes from the US News & World Report's Money section "On Careers" column and carries an eyes-wide-open message:

"The good news is that this year's graduates are predicted to fare better than those graduating in previous years have. According to a recent Job Outlook survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers plan to hire 13 percent more new college graduates than they did last year from the Class of '12. The bad news is we are still in a competitive job market. It is going to require more work and effort to land that first job out of college. Spraying and praying your résumé all over isn't enough."

What to do? Not to worry, says Career Sherpa Hannah Morgan, whose no-nonsense advice includes eight key tips. Here's a sample:

"Get real. You are not likely to land your dream job right out of college. In fact, your first several jobs are stepping stones. Learn from each experience what you like to do and what you don't. Don't hold out for the "perfect" job. The longer you are out of work, the tougher it may be. Build skills and experience any chance you can get." 

Love it. Read the entire piece here. And if you are still feeling pre-graduation jitters - or even post-graduation, for that matter - come in and visit us at the CEC, ground floor SOM/Academic building. That's what we're here for. We'll leave the light on for you.

PS If you haven't yet filled out the Class of 2013 Commencement Survey, join over 200 of your classmates and  take five minutes to complete it now - thanks.

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It's exciting!  You have been looking forward to this moment for many years. The time has arrive to launch  an entirely new lifestyle as an independent adult!  It's a lot of new territotriumphant-woman.jpgry to navigate encompassing  a wide array of opportunities and challenges, including finding a place to live, landing and being successful at  a new job, and managing your finances. To help ease your transition from college to career, check out the Quint Careers Conquering the Real World tutorial that offers insights and tools to help you achieve the success you seek.  And don't forget that you have access to career coaches at the Career Education Center who can provide assistance in person or by phone in helping you clarify your next career steps, as well as, mount an effective job search!   Just contact the CEC and set up an appointment.  Also, remember to explore the Career Toolkit on the CEC website that is packed with rich career resources.  Good luck with your exciting adventures that lie ahead as a new graduate, and enjoy the ride!