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Job search advice for seniors: don't panic, have a plan

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Well, it's that time of year and that time of your college career: you are a senior and you are about to graduate - yikes! Where did those four years go? And now you need a job. 

First piece of advice: don't panic! Check out this article for college seniors from career website QuintCareers founder Dr. Randall Hansen, who says: "Your job-search plan -- which you should develop and implement as soon as possible -- includes all the sources of job leads you intend to use, including informational interviews, your network of contacts, career services office, college professors, job fairs, job boards, and cold-calling. It also includes all the activities you need to accomplish before starting your job-search, such as polishing your resume and prepping for job interviews." 

In the article Hansen also recommends that college seniors visit their career services office - brilliant advice!  You've got terrific resources at your dipsosal right here at Simmons, starting with the CEC website but also including in-person coaching and the deep career resources found  on the Beatley Library website. The Careers section of the Library Guides houses dozens of guides within it either tailored to your major or on key career topics, such as Job Hunting Online, each with multiple links and articles to get you headed in the right direction.

Still don't know where to start? Need a friendly voice to talk to? Then contact the CEC and set up an appointment with a career coach. We're here for you - and now's the time! 

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