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Take the first step in your job search

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job search.jpg With commencement less than 3 months away, many seniors have already started their job search, but others may be wondering how to begin. The first step in any job search is to be clear about what you want to do and be able to answer this question: "What are you looking for?"  A specific answer to that question becomes your job target.

If your answer is fairly general and hovers somewhere between "I don't know" and "something related to my major", begin by doing self-assessment and then follow up with some career exploration activities as outlined on the CEC Career Toolkit.

If your answer is more specific such as, "I'm looking for a communications position in the healthcare industry ", you'll want to uncover the various types of communications positions in the healthcare industry that are a good match to your interests and strengths.  Once you've done some online research, conduct informational interviews with contacts in the field to help you further clarify your answer.  Learn more about informational interviewing, and take the tutorial, by checking out Optimize Your Networking on the Career Toolkit.

A successful job search begins with clarity - a job target that includes a specific function, a specific industry and a specific geopgraphic location.  Once you can fill in the blanks and say, "I'm looking for a _____________(name of  position) in the _________ (name of) industry in _______________ (geographic location).", then you've taken the first step.

Get started on the NEXT STEPS in the job search, and download the CEC's Job Search Check List!