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Seniors, feeling anxiety about graduation and the upcoming job search? Believe it or not, it's March at the end of this week and the clock is ticking.

But never fear - there are plenty of resources on hand to help you out, starting with a handy photo gallery on with timely tips for senior job seekers from two executives in the know.

One example: "Tap into your university alumni base" - "Alumni enjoy assisting recent grads, especially if you have practical skills and are willing to pay your dues," said [founder and principal of Dreambridge Partners Judy] Shen-Filerman, who suggested discussing the passion and skills that you hope to bring to an employer. Check out the complete photo gallery on here.

Don't miss the previous CEC News blog post on taking the first steps in your job search. You may also want to mark your calendar for the upcoming Spring Career & Internship Fair on March 27 right here on campus in the Linda K. Paresky Conference Center, 2-5 pm. For more info on the Fair, including a list of currently registered employers, click here.

For more support on any aspect of your job search, check out the CEC website's Career Toolkit for undergrads. If you want to meet with a CEC career coach to help get the wheels turning and start putting together your post-graduation plan, click here to make an appointment.

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job search.jpg With commencement less than 3 months away, many seniors have already started their job search, but others may be wondering how to begin. The first step in any job search is to be clear about what you want to do and be able to answer this question: "What are you looking for?"  A specific answer to that question becomes your job target.

If your answer is fairly general and hovers somewhere between "I don't know" and "something related to my major", begin by doing self-assessment and then follow up with some career exploration activities as outlined on the CEC Career Toolkit.

If your answer is more specific such as, "I'm looking for a communications position in the healthcare industry ", you'll want to uncover the various types of communications positions in the healthcare industry that are a good match to your interests and strengths.  Once you've done some online research, conduct informational interviews with contacts in the field to help you further clarify your answer.  Learn more about informational interviewing, and take the tutorial, by checking out Optimize Your Networking on the Career Toolkit.

A successful job search begins with clarity - a job target that includes a specific function, a specific industry and a specific geopgraphic location.  Once you can fill in the blanks and say, "I'm looking for a _____________(name of  position) in the _________ (name of) industry in _______________ (geographic location).", then you've taken the first step.

Get started on the NEXT STEPS in the job search, and download the CEC's Job Search Check List!

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Whether you are an undergrad looking for a summer internship or your first entry-level job after graduation, or a graduate student seeking a full-time professional role with master's degree in hand, four upcoming on-campus career fairs at Simmons have got you covered.

Three graduate fairs are targeted just for graduating candidates in their respective programs:

>> Social Work Career Fair - March 5
>> Education Career Networking Fair - March 15
>> Library & Information Science Career Fair - April 10
Dozens of hiring employers from each of these fields are scheduled to attend these events. For specifics, including a list of employers for each fair with links to positions they are hiring for and their company websites, visit the CEC's Events page.

For undergraduates, our largest single employment event of the year on campus is the annual Spring Career & Internship Fair:

>> Spring Career & Internship Fair - March 27

Dozens of organizations across several industries will be attending this year, including Big Sister, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright Horizons, GateHouse Media, Merrill Lynch, the Peace Corps, and many more! For more info and links visit the Spring Career & Internship Fair event page, which also carries helpful career fair tune-up tips and videos.

As always, contact the CEC with any questions at 617-521-2488 or See you at the fair!

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Since employers prefer to hire graduating seniors who have career-related experience, internships can be crucial to your job search. The odds for getting an interview go way up when there is internship experience on your resume.

But it's not enough to just have an internship(s). You must also make a very favorable impression on your employer!  Check out these 8 tips for making the most of your internship, while "wowing" your employer! Also, visit the  Beatley Library Career Guide on Internships  for additional resources. 

If you are or will be looking for an internship, check out the Career Spots video on Finding a Co-op/Internship and  Pursue an Internship found in the CEC website CareerToolkit.