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Check out the CEC Career Toolkit for "just in time" tips and advice!

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smalltool.jpgDo you want "just in time" access to a wealth of career information and advice? Then click on to begin exploring the Career Toolkit. You can quickly zero in on information that you need NOW and find tools helpful in preparing for your career. Check out the topics below!

Assess Who You Are
Understanding yourself is the first step in identifying a good career fit. Learn about your values, interests, personality traits, and personal and professional goals.

Explore Majors & Careers
High-quality information leads to good decisions about your major and career path. Learn about online resources and gathering information from professionals in your field of interest.

Write a Resume
Learn how to write a well-prepared, professional marketing piece to introduce yourself to potential employers.  Review online samples and resources for guidance on proper format and content.

Write a Job Search Letter
Develop skills in writing well thought-out, customized letters during a job search, including cover letters and thank you notes.

Optimize Your Networking
Purposeful conversations with others move you closer to reaching your goals.  Learn how to do informational interviews and gain more confidence in building professional relationships.

Prepare to Interview
Research, preparation and practice are the keys to a successful interview. Build confidence by learning how to manage the interview process like a pro. 

Pursue an Internship
Internships are an important part of your career preparation and will help you gain a competitive edge in your post-graduate job search!  Learn how to find and apply for them.

Manage Your Job Search
Discover how to create a job search plan and leverage your time and energy to land a job or internship that's a good fit with your career goals. 

Explore Graduate School
Ask, "Is graduate school right for me?" and then, learn how to research and evaluate graduate schools and follow the application process timetable.

For more information on preparing for your career, click on the STEPS Career Development Plan