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Student interns offer advice

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female-intern.jpgCareer coaches consistently tout the benefits of internships to our students; however, the best advocates for this experience are the students who have had an internship themselves. 

English, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Women & Gender Studies majors enrolled in the internship course for their major, also took Humanities 370, a career course taught by the CEC.  Here's what a few of those students had to say about their internship experience this fall:

"It helped me become more confident in my overall abilities.  Working for a non-profit organization, you're asked to work on a myriad of projects.  It can be overwhelming, but I learned how to manage my work and finish it with time to spare.  I surpassed my own expectations and it gave me confidence to pursue anything I desire in the future." Veronica Kildare, English 2013.

"I consider my internship at Big Sister Association of Greater Boston one of the most worth-while experiences I've had while at Simmons.  I really enjoy working with the girls and getting a feel for a non-profit organization.  I share Big Sister's belief in "helping girls realize their full potential by providing them with positive mentoring relationships with women."  As a former Big Sister, the organization means a lot to me, and I love helping other girls have the same positive experience that I had.  I have gained so much perspective while at my internship, as well as professional development skills that will be transferable to my future career." Laura Scully, WGST, 2013.

"When I initially started looking for an internship, I had a very specific idea of who I wanted to work for. All of the places I looked into fell through, but instead of being discouraged, I was able to find something completely different and took a chance.  This chance ended up paying off big time!  I tried something new and completely different and ended up loving it more than I ever thought I would.  By doing an internship you have the opportunity to take chances and discover what you are really passionate about.  Through my internship I was able to develop more confidence in my job prospects and also in myself as an employee.

When you start looking for an internship, don't be afraid to experiment.  Don't get confined to one idea of what your career is going to be.  Try something different, something challenging.  This is an opportunity to learn and discover - take it!"  Lanandra Russell, English 2013.

Interested in an internship?  The CEC's CareerLink lists many opportunities.  Check out internship resources in the Library Guide, and learn more about the Humanities 370 course as well.