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CEC launching new student interface for CareerLink and CA$H

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Laptop2-CSO Upgrade.jpgATTENTION CareerLink and CA$H users!

This morning, Friday, December 14, 2012, we will be upgrading the look and feel of our CareerLink and CA$H online job boards.

The goal is to improve the look and feel of our systems so that they are easier to search and navigate and so that they are compatible with mobile devices.

With the exception of the search feature, which will be integrated with the search results screen, this will not affect the operation of the systems and we do not anticipate any downtime while this upgrade is being implemented. 

For more information on the upgrade and changes to the system, check out this You Tube video tutorial from the system's provider, CSO Research.

We hope you enjoy your improved job searching experience! Please send any feedback or questions to