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Congratulations! You recieved a job offer. Now what?!

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Negotiation is the process in which two parties come to an agreement concerning the terms and conditions under which they are willing to do business. Follow these steps to ensure a successful outcome:

Preparation before the offer

  • Establish your own criteria about benefits, job responsibilities, and the salary you want, the salary you need, and your bottom line.
  • Create a list of reasons they should hire you: skills accomplishments, experience, knowledge, personal traits.
  • Do market research to find labor market salary ranges for role, industry, company size, and place, i.e.

When you receive the offer

  • Thank the employer and show your enthusiasm.
  • Clarify position responsibilities, salary and benefits.
  • Request additional information, if needed.
  • Ask for offer in writing, and for time to evaluate the offer.

After the offer

  • Compare employer's offer to your requirements.
  • Determine item(s) you want to negotiate.
  • Develop the rationale: What is your "value added?" not "I need the money."
  • Plan for the negotiation meeting and practice out loud!

Initiating the negotiation discussion

  • Indicate thorough consideration of the offer and your excitement.
  • State areas of agreement first, then mention area(s) for discussion.
  • Discuss and resolve differences.
  • Affirm agreement, accept offer, and ask for finalized offer in writing.

Congratulations! You're ready to start your new job!