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Three steps to take control of your job search!

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The ability to articulate your goals and skills, an understanding of the employment market, and a well planned job search campaign put you in charge.  Follow these steps:

1. Know Yourself

Focus on being able to articulate your strengths and goals.  How can you seek a position if  you don't know what you want from a job and what you have to offer prospective employers?  Self-assessment provides invaluable  information for your career decision-making and prepares you to market yourself successfully!

2. Research the Options

Research the industry, companies and roles you plan to pursue so your options are clear.  The more you are able to identify your target positions, the more likely you will be to end up there!  Avoid the shotgun approach of applying randomly to job postings.  Check out Beatley's Career Guide on Exploring Careers to learn more about online resources and effective approaches for gathering information from professionals in the fields in which you are interested.

3. Create a Strategic Plan

This plan will be your compass to guide you in managing your job search process.  However, targeting an ideal job is too limiting.  Broaden your scope and create strategic Plans A and B.  Have a back-up plan if your are unable to implement Plan A or B within your timeline.  If you haven't met with a CEC career coach, plan to arrange a meeting for help developing your plan.

Note: Begin this process 9-12 months before your target date to be employed since on the average it takes 6-9 months or more to land a job!