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Calling all majors! New online career guides, one click away

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Are you an English major? You'll like what you read. Are you a Math major? No problem. Exercise Science? You're in good shape. Need information on a career topic such as Resumes and Cover Letters? We've got you covered.

Starting in January, 2012, Simmons' Beatley Library embarked on an ambitious program to  completely overhaul, re-format, and update their online guides. And among these are the nearly 50 lib guides, as they are called, focused solely on careers.

Over thirty of the career guides are grouped under "Careers By Discipline." All undergrads and graduate students will find something tailored to their needs.

Another dozen guides are clustered under "Career Topics," including those mentioned above  plus Career Exploration, Graduate School Planning, Job Hunting Online, and many more.

And now there is a simple index to these guides on the CEC site. Found on the Library Resources page, you can see all the guides arrayed alphabetically within the two groups and just one click away,

And that's just the beginning. Once you get into each guide you'll find a wealth of information and resources to assist you, with tabs in each discipline-specific guide for What Can I Do With This Major, Internships, Graduate School, Finding a Job, and more. All of the guides are constantly being reviewed and updated by the research librarians on the Beatley staff, experts in the different disciplines.

So whether you are a first-year or sophomore looking to explore majors and potential career paths they might lead to, a junior or senior thinking about internships, a grad student considering how to undertake that impending post-degree job search, or an alum seeking access to targeted job boards in your field, your one-stop career resource shopping starts here.