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Is graduate school in your future?

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Students often begin thinking about graduate school early in their undergraduate program.  For those whose career direction is law or medicine, graduate education is a requirement.  For others, a graduate degree offers the promise of advancement in a particular career like business, or field of interest like psychology.  And for others, graduate school seems to be a viable alternative in a tough job market.

No matter what your motivation, deciding to attend graduate school is a big decision and should be an informed one.

  • Do you have a clear sense of the career path you want to pursue?
  • Have you found the right program that fits your career path?
  • Will the amount of time and money spent on a program ultimately translate into greater career mobility and financial possibilities?

Need help answering these questions or want to explore graduate school possibilities? Check out Explore Graduate School in the CEC's Career Toolkit. 

Have you already decided on several graduate programs but want to improve your chances of admission?  Watch Getting into Graduate School, where Don Asher, author of the best-selling guide, Graduate Admissions Essays, walks you through step-by-step on how to successfully get into graduate school.

Just want to "talk it over' and benefit from the guidance and support of a CEC career coach as you ponder all the issues involved in this decision? Contact the CEC to make an appointment.