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Don't overlook your "Infomercial" and "Elevator Speech!"

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A networking introductory speech, also referred to as an "Infomercial" is a two minute verbal marketing piece designed to inform the listener about your most important strengths, professional accomplishments and future career goals.  

A verbal snapshot, it helps people know who you are and what type of career opportunities you are exploring so they can best help you.  Use this template to begin preparing your Infomercial.

Sometimes you only have a few brief moments to capture the listener's attention, so also be prepared with your "Elevator Speech," a 15 to 30 second version of your "Infomercial."

You will be more effective promoting yourself at informational interviews, career fairs, professional meetings and networking events.  Occasions arise on a daily basis to practice your networking introduction speech with classmates, faculty and during social events with family and friends.