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The ability to articulate your goals and skills, an understanding of the employment market, and a well planned job search campaign put you in charge.  Follow these steps:

1. Know Yourself

Focus on being able to articulate your strengths and goals.  How can you seek a position if  you don't know what you want from a job and what you have to offer prospective employers?  Self-assessment provides invaluable  information for your career decision-making and prepares you to market yourself successfully!

2. Research the Options

Research the industry, companies and roles you plan to pursue so your options are clear.  The more you are able to identify your target positions, the more likely you will be to end up there!  Avoid the shotgun approach of applying randomly to job postings.  Check out Beatley's Career Guide on Exploring Careers to learn more about online resources and effective approaches for gathering information from professionals in the fields in which you are interested.

3. Create a Strategic Plan

This plan will be your compass to guide you in managing your job search process.  However, targeting an ideal job is too limiting.  Broaden your scope and create strategic Plans A and B.  Have a back-up plan if your are unable to implement Plan A or B within your timeline.  If you haven't met with a CEC career coach, plan to arrange a meeting for help developing your plan.

Note: Begin this process 9-12 months before your target date to be employed since on the average it takes 6-9 months or more to land a job!



Student Blogger: Jenny, Class of 2013, Double major - Marketing & Studio Art

Hi everyone! Today I am guest blogging for the Career Education Center (aka, CEC) about my new internship this fall.  I am also an Office Assistant here at the CEC and I am taking this time to tell you how I found and landed my Retail Internship at Emporio Armani through CareerLink. I am not saying this because I work at the CEC but because I truly believe that CareerLink is such a wonderful resource for internship and job postings.

Logging into CareerLink, I went to the jobs database and filtered the search with Retail, Retail & Sales, and Sales & Marketing under "Employer Category" and Internship under "Job Category." This produced a list of live internship posts, which is where I came across the Armani internship. I then contacted the employer directly as stated in the application instructions.
Before I applied, I made sure my resume and cover letter were at their best. I used the Career Toolkit and talked to the career coaches to get feedback and also did a practice interview. Writing and editing both resume and cover letter took time but it was worth it in the end. It was during my interview that the Armani manager told me he was very impressed with my cover letter!
The CEC resources have definitely been a major help during this time. If you are in the process of looking for new opportunities, I highly recommend checking CareerLink, where dozens of new postings are added each week, then meeting with one of the career coaches to get feedback!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Hey, students - Are you still in the market for a fall semester internship? Well, don't panic. This could be just your ticket.

A new online resource called Intern Connect was recently launched by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce (GBCC). The GBCC's more than 1,500 member businesses include some of the biggest and most prominent companies in the area, and Intern Connect offers access to the high-value, experience-building internship opportunities these firms offer.

The opportunities found on Intern Connect are designed to allow students to engage with the region's business community and develop valuable career skills. As everyone knows, it's a tight job market out there right now, and Intern Connect can provide you with a competitive edge and a way in to some of these local organizations, including the Boston Red Sox Foundation, Cradles to Crayons, Mullen, Northwestern Mutual, Project Bread, and many more.

To get started, just go to the GBCC Intern Connect website and set up your free account. You can also access Intern Connect through the Beatley Library's Internships Career Guide which also houses dozens of other internship sites and resources, including Simmons' own online job board, CareerLink.

So what are you waiting for? You'll be back in the classroom before you know it, so click here now to get going. And good luck!

Photo: Courtesy of Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce



Students often begin thinking about graduate school early in their undergraduate program.  For those whose career direction is law or medicine, graduate education is a requirement.  For others, a graduate degree offers the promise of advancement in a particular career like business, or field of interest like psychology.  And for others, graduate school seems to be a viable alternative in a tough job market.

No matter what your motivation, deciding to attend graduate school is a big decision and should be an informed one.

  • Do you have a clear sense of the career path you want to pursue?
  • Have you found the right program that fits your career path?
  • Will the amount of time and money spent on a program ultimately translate into greater career mobility and financial possibilities?

Need help answering these questions or want to explore graduate school possibilities? Check out Explore Graduate School in the CEC's Career Toolkit. 

Have you already decided on several graduate programs but want to improve your chances of admission?  Watch Getting into Graduate School, where Don Asher, author of the best-selling guide, Graduate Admissions Essays, walks you through step-by-step on how to successfully get into graduate school.

Just want to "talk it over' and benefit from the guidance and support of a CEC career coach as you ponder all the issues involved in this decision? Contact the CEC to make an appointment.


Student with iPad-2.jpg

Are you an English major? You'll like what you read. Are you a Math major? No problem. Exercise Science? You're in good shape. Need information on a career topic such as Resumes and Cover Letters? We've got you covered.

Starting in January, 2012, Simmons' Beatley Library embarked on an ambitious program to  completely overhaul, re-format, and update their online guides. And among these are the nearly 50 lib guides, as they are called, focused solely on careers.

Over thirty of the career guides are grouped under "Careers By Discipline." All undergrads and graduate students will find something tailored to their needs.

Another dozen guides are clustered under "Career Topics," including those mentioned above  plus Career Exploration, Graduate School Planning, Job Hunting Online, and many more.

And now there is a simple index to these guides on the CEC site. Found on the Library Resources page, you can see all the guides arrayed alphabetically within the two groups and just one click away,

And that's just the beginning. Once you get into each guide you'll find a wealth of information and resources to assist you, with tabs in each discipline-specific guide for What Can I Do With This Major, Internships, Graduate School, Finding a Job, and more. All of the guides are constantly being reviewed and updated by the research librarians on the Beatley staff, experts in the different disciplines.

So whether you are a first-year or sophomore looking to explore majors and potential career paths they might lead to, a junior or senior thinking about internships, a grad student considering how to undertake that impending post-degree job search, or an alum seeking access to targeted job boards in your field, your one-stop career resource shopping starts here.  


A networking introductory speech, also referred to as an "Infomercial" is a two minute verbal marketing piece designed to inform the listener about your most important strengths, professional accomplishments and future career goals.  

A verbal snapshot, it helps people know who you are and what type of career opportunities you are exploring so they can best help you.  Use this template to begin preparing your Infomercial.

Sometimes you only have a few brief moments to capture the listener's attention, so also be prepared with your "Elevator Speech," a 15 to 30 second version of your "Infomercial."

You will be more effective promoting yourself at informational interviews, career fairs, professional meetings and networking events.  Occasions arise on a daily basis to practice your networking introduction speech with classmates, faculty and during social events with family and friends.