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Highest-paying jobs for recent college grads

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With Commencement just around the corner for this year's seniors, thoughts are naturally  turning to the job market. Some members of the Class of 2012 are already well into the job search, while a lucky few have even secured positions. Still others have plans in place for graduate school.

While pondering next steps, here's some data and a photo gallery from and the Bureau of Labor Statistics on entry-level jobs that will more than help pay the rent and groceries: top paying jobs for recent college grads. Not surprisingly -- and encouragingly --  nurses make the list. But there are several other positions -- financial analyst, web designer, Internet marketer, actuary -- also suitable for and of interest to many Simmons grads.

Check it out here. Then finish up those pesky final exams and projects and get ready for your big day on May 18! If you want some assistance thinking through your next steps post-graduation (and how to get your network moving to find those jobs), contact us in the CEC - that''s what we're here for!                 

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