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Five ways to work and travel abroad after graduation

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With graduation only a few months away, students are considering what they want to do with their post-college life. Many students have a passion for exploring new places and decide to work and travel abroad. The experience can really make an applicant stand out when applying to jobs in the future. Employers value applicants that bring a unique global perspective to the company. So, where should you look? We asked the Study Abroad Office for some suggestions on the best organizations to go through for seniors who want to work and travel abroad after graduation.


BUNAC offers students and young professionals the opportunity to work and intern in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada. The organization has packages that can include: securing the necessary visas, assistance with job or internship placement, informational orientation, special flight deals, emergency assistance and airport transfer.

Work and Travel Ireland

With Work and Travel Ireland, students and young professional can work anywhere in Ireland for up to four months for the summer program and 12 months for the year-long program. You can apply and enter the year-long program at anytime throughout the year, and the organization will help you with job and housing placement and social events on holidays and weekends.

JET Programme

The Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme has opportunities to go to Japan and become an assistant language teacher, a coordinator for international relations or a sports exchange advisor. In 2011, the JET Programme had 4,330 participants from 39 countries.

Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vistas offers young professionals the opportunity to do work-study, fellowships, internships and professional training programs in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. The programs emphasize the need to understand cultural differences to succeed in an increasingly global world.

Want to stay in the United States? Teach For America

Teach for America recruits graduating seniors to commit to working for at least two years in a low income school system in 43 regions throughout the United States. Corps members teach pre-k through 12th grade and will teach a variety of subjects.

To learn more, call 617-521-2128 or email to set up an appointment with the Simmons Study Abroad Office. Follow the Study Abroad Office on Twitter and “Like” the Facebook page to keep up with current news and interact with other students interested in traveling and working abroad.

successconnection.jpgPublic health major Rebecca Walmer '12 with her mentor Kathie Westpheling '71.

Research from the American Society of Training & Development shows that 75% of executives point to mentoring as playing a key role in their careers. But how does one find the right mentor and gain professional exposure?

The Simmons Success Connection Program is a unique job-shadowing and mentoring opportunity that matches current seniors with highly accomplished Simmons alumnae. We had the chance to chat with Rebecca Walmer '12, a current Success Connection mentee from Farmington, ME, who is majoring in public health. Through the program, Rebecca was connected with Kathie Westpheling '71, executive director at the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved.

Q. What made you decide to sign up for the Success Connection program?
I was abroad when I signed up for the Success Connection program, and I was feeling really unsure about what I wanted to do after graduation. I lacked a practical understanding of the demands in public health, and I was at a point where I needed exposure and feedback from someone in the field.
Q. Why do you think mentorships are important?
A good mentorship is important because it gives you the opportunity to learn from an individual who has the knowledge base to answer questions and provide career guidance. Developing a relationship and maintaining contact is beneficial for both the mentor and mentee.
Q. How did your mentorship relate to your professional interests?
I was matched with Kathie Westpheling '71 MPH. Kathie is an experienced non-profit executive director and advocate for health equity with long-time interests in nutrition and prevention. This placement aligned particularly well with my own interests and career goals, as well as my passion for health disparities and underserved populations. Through her work with the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved, Kathie has improved the development and support of health care clinicians serving these populations. I also had the opportunity to shadow Kathie at Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), an organization that provides a better understanding of health care information and management systems.