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Commencement is quickly approaching and soon you will graduate from Simmons with a degree that has prepared you for your life's work. In terms of forging a successful career, who you know is almost as important as what you know, and over the years, I've learned the importance of networking.

Don't cringe. Think of it more as chatting with friends, because at its most natural, that's all networking really is. I teach a publishing overview course, and I like to spend the last class helping students find a job.

Here's some advice that has worked for me, and many of my now-employed students.

1. Create a list of everyone you know, and everyone they know.
This is the start of your network--it is, ideally, a trusted list of people who have a vested interest in you. People who like you, and want to see you employed, fed and happy.
2. Decide where you want to live.
You will network during the entire course of your career, and one job will lead to the next. Think about where you want to settle and go there. It's more difficult to find a job later in a new city where you are not connected.