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Road Trips to the Real World

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"What do you want to do with your life?"

Ever been asked that question? Ever had no idea how to answer that question? Too bad there isn't a magical career genie that comes along and tells you, "This is the career path for you. You will succeed in this, and you will love what you do."

So, Simmons students, if you're wondering what you want to do with your life, the Simmons Career Education Center is sponsoring a Road Trips to the Real World event. The trips take place during winter break from January 4-14 and you will have the opportunity to visit employers you'd be interested in working for.

You will have the chance to not only explore an industry and find out if it's right for you, but also to network with people in that organization. When the time comes for hiring, an employer is much more likely to hire someone who showed the initiative to come and learn about their business before their job search began.

You really can't under estimate the power of networking when looking for a job. Especially with great companies like WGBH, Museum of Science, TJX, MTV, Amica, and State Street. There are plenty other participators, so if you're interested check out the schedule and figure out when you can get started on your future. Spots are filling up fast, and the December 4 registration deadline is approaching.

But, if you have to miss this opportunity, the Career Education Center is always there to help you with other networking opportunities, job searching, and resume building. Contact the Career Education Center staff by email or visit them at the Palace Road Building in Suite P304.