About the CEC

Preparing our students to build successful careers and lead meaningful lives has been Simmons's mission for over 100 years.

The Career Education Center (CEC) supports this mission by providing career education for lifelong career development. We help undergraduate students, graduate students and alumnae/i develop the skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their careers in preparation for life's work.

Our philosophy of career development is based on our 5 Step Career Development Model which guides our programs and work with all the Simmons populations we serve. Whether you are about to begin your undergraduate studies, have just graduated with a master's degree, or are an alum approaching a career or life transition, the Career Education Center can make a difference.

View the range of CEC services available to Simmons students and alums.

Scope of Service

The CEC serves as the main career resource for all Simmons undergraduates and for four of the five graduate schools: the College of Arts & Sciences, the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, and the School of Social Work.

If you are a graduate student in the School of Management (eg, an MBA, MCM, or HCA candidate), please contact the School of Management Career Services Office.

The CEC and Simmons Strategy 2015

With our focus on preparation for life's work and helping students discover their passion and purpose, the CEC is also a vital part of the evolving strategic plan at Simmons. Learn more about Simmons Strategy 2015 here.

Contact Us

Please contact the CEC with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!