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The mission of Well@Simmons is to promote student health and wellness through educational programming and initiatives that:

  • Inspire and empower students to take responsibility for their health 
  • Encourage the maintenance of lifelong healthy behaviors 
  •  Foster a campus culture that supports student well-being

The goals of Well@Simmons include:

  • Assessing needs 
  •  Raising awareness 
  •  Increasing knowledge 
  •  Building skills that cultivate resilience 
  •  Making and sustaining behavioral change 
  •  Promoting life balance

Coping with Crisis

During times of crisis, our reactions may be multi-faceted. Feelings and reactions may emerge days, sometimes weeks after the event. Many of us are reminded of our own histories with crisis, which brings its own set of feelings. Ultimately, there is no 'right' way to feel or react. Therefore, it is important to allow ourselves the opportunity to let our natural processes unfold. Along the way, incorporating the following ideas may prove helpful towards a gentle recovery.

Coping with Crisis PDF

Campus Resources

Programming and support for Well@Simmons is shared throughout the Student Life Division at Simmons. Each office plays a collective role in promoting student health and wellness. To learn more about the divisions of Well@Simmons you may visit the following pages:

Office of the Dean for Student Life

Counseling Center

Health Center


Disability Services

Health Education and Wellness Programs