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Wellness Ambassador Profiles

Federika Garcia Muchacho

What wellness means to me: Wellness means having a balance in many aspects of my life, mental, physical and social balance. All together go hand in hand with happiness.

Health topics that interest me: Cancer, diabetes, intolerances, mental illnesses, HIV/AIDS, eating disorders, diet, and disease.

Hobbies and interests: Going to the gym, cooking, sports, reading, and travel.

Fun fact: I was born in Venezuela.

Isabel Milosevich

What wellness means to me: Wellness is an ongoing process that deals with various aspects of a person's life (oneself, relationships with others, health, fitness, spirituality, mind health).

Health topics that interest me: Nutrition, plant-based diets, fitness, and staying positive.

Hobbies and interests: Walking/running, decorating, keeping organized, blogging.

Fun fact: I enjoy editing pictures (and taking them too!).

Hannah Russell

What wellness means to me: Wellness means feeling good mentally and physically. To me, wellness means being as healthy as I possibly can be and feeling in balance.

Health topics that interest me: Nutrition, whole foods - plant based diets, exercise, yoga, weight training, and biking.

Hobbies and interests: Cooking, watching the Food Network, travelling, biking around Boston, and camping.

Fun fact: I hiked the Himalayas in Spring 2013.

Caitlyn Shoemaker

What wellness means to me: Being well means being as in tune emotionally, mentally, and physically with my body and mind as I possibly can be.

Health topics of interest for me: Nutritional issues, alternative medicine, stress management, depression/anxiety, and body image.

Hobbies and interests: Rowing, speaking French, traveling, organic farming, Yoga, and creative writing.  

Fun fact: My favorite artist of all time is Elvis Presley.