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How to Make it Work With Your Roommate

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Contributed by: Megan Swedeen


  • *Take the roommate contract seriously:

Don't be silly and write simple statements on your roommate contract, be thorough! Answer all of the prompts on the back of the contract and be detailed. Don't write statements like, "Just be respectful" describe what that means to you. For some being respectful is turning off the lights when someone goes to bed, for others this means keeping the lights on for the person studying.  Take the time to really talk with your roommate and get everything out in the open that you want to discuss.  

New Year, New You - 10 Ways to Love Yourself Better This Year

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Contributed by: Marissa Johnson



RA Marissa Johnson offers 10 tips to be the most flawless you possibile this 2014-2015 school year.


  1.  Stop apologizing for things that aren't your fault or that you are not actually sorry for.

  2. Don't be afraid to say no! 

    Some of us find ourselves constantly doing things for other people, despite our own busy schedules, long to do lists, and personal needs. If someone asks you to do something for them, you are not obligated to say yes. When they ask, there are two possible answers: yes or no. So, if they're offended or expect only the first answer, kindly remind them that you have every right to go with the latter option.

  3. Get off campus.

    Don't feel constricted to your dorm room. We're paying a lot of money to live in Boston, so take advantage of it! Take the T to the Harbor; go for a walk at the Arnold Arboretum; roam the Boston Commons and public gardens; go on an adventure and find your favorite city spot.

  4. Cut out people who just don't fit into your life anymore.

    Stop wasting your time on toxic relationships and unfulfilling experiences.

  5. Be kinder to yourself.

    Avoid phrases like "I'm so stupid" or "I was so bad, I ate two desserts at Bartol tonight." Negativity only breeds negativity; it doesn't change or better the situation.

  6.  Allow yourself time.

    Need to take a nap? Get that sleep. Need to take a deep breath? Breathe. Need to take a break from people for a bit? Find an empty room. Need to take some time to think about something? Don't feel pressured or rushed just to please other people.

  7. Do at least one thing for yourself a week.

    It could be anything - catching up on a favorite show, buying yourself a burrito, reading a book that's not for class, going to church, painting your nails, etc. TREAT YO SELF.

  8. Know your limits and stick to them.

  9. Reframe mistakes or failures as learning opportunities.

    You can't be perfect at everything, so don't be so hard on yourself! No experience is a wasted one. Try to find the good.

  10. Wake up every day and tell yourself you're gonna kill it.

    And then kill it, you flawless human being.

Classes, Meetings, Work, and Friends? How do I Fit It All In?

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Contributed by: Kelsey Mills

Classes are now in full swing and the semester is taking off full speed ahead. With work piling up you may be wondering - will I have the time to participate in all the extracurricular activities I signed up for? Should I just halt my job search now? No worries, there is time for it all! Take a minute to relax and read the tips below for an organized, stress-free, busy semester!

  •  Utilize a planner/calendar to mark important dates i.e. exams, meetings, birthdays
  • Make and prioritize to-do lists-be sure the most important and upcoming tasks are at the top
  • Don't be afraid to say no. Only take on as much as you can handle and know your personal limit.
  • Take time for yourself and schedule in that time! It is important to relax and unwind with a good book, friend, or maybe even a nap in order to stay energized.
  •  Hold yourself accountable to stick only to the allotted time you give yourself
  • Ask for help! If you begin to feel overwhelmed there are a number of campus resources for you to take advantage of. Talk to your RA, visit the Counseling Center, or visit the Office of Student Life.


Flawless Mentality

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Contributed by: Chanel Thomal

Beyonce said it best in her video and hit song "Flawless", she wakes up flawless and looks good tonight. Beyonce, to some, is an ideal role model because of her takeover in pop culture and her indestructible image. Whether you are a fan of Beyonce or not, you can commend her "flawless" mentality she portrays throughout her musical career. Beyonce is confident, witty, and all about her business. Why not have that same mentality when it comes to school? What if we took the same approach to our academic careers? Could we be as successful as Beyonce and strive for excellence and greatness within ourselves? I believe that we can. As this school year is beginning, approach each situation you face and each new day with a flawless mentality. However, what does being flawless entail, let alone having a flawless mentality?


Urban Dictionary describes flawless as being without flaws, perfection. Good thing Urban Dictionary is not reliable, because if  they were they would understand that perfection is not humanly possible. Perfection is based on the eyes of each and every person, so definitions of perfection can vary. Taking a more plausible approach, flawless can mean taking your best foot forward, in order to better yourself, in order to become closer to your goals and aspirations. You may not be perfect, but you are unique, different and better yet yourself. Being flawless and having a flawless mentality comes down to building confidence within yourself to know that you will succeed, despite all the obstacles that you may face along the way. Beyonce would be proud to know students of Simmons College have taken a new perspective on her single "Flawless" and have applied it to our everyday lives.

The Magic of First

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Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!

the magic of first.jpg

There's something magical about the first time you do something.

The first time you taste a new food. The first time you visit a different state, see a new landscape or travel to a foreign country. Your first kiss. Your first friend.

Your first year of college.

Life on the River!

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Contributed by: Cory Carlson
Cory is an RA and an explorer. Here are some of her tips for an exciting experience for the upcoming Summer Break!


For me, summer is a break from school, a time to make some money at my hometown job, and a time for an annual rafting trip. In mid-July I pack my bathing suit and water shoes, fill up the gas tank, pile in the car with friends and plenty of snacks, and head north to Maine. We raft through a company called Northern Outdoors. This is a great company which offers a variety of rivers throughout Maine and New Hampshire, each with varying difficulty and rapid levels.

Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!

Macintosh HD:Users:ryangyim:Pictures:iPhoto Library.photolibrary:Previews:2014:02:21:20140221-135211:wXZhlDLXTEeGuyZfo6q4rQ:IMG_0647.jpg

I'm about to share with you all a hidden treasure that I "discovered" back in the middle of January. I say, "discover" because it was not really hidden to begin with. In fact, it's found right next door to our academic campus. Yes, I am going to write about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum--once a mystery to me, with its regally gated parameters and white marble lions guarding its doors, but now a favorite haunt of mine anytime I am seeking a little peace and quiet in the middle of the city.

The story of my adventure goes as such:

The weather in Boston had been pretty brutal, with temperatures dropping into the single digits and nasty wind-chills pushing them only further below zero.

 I decided it time for a chance of scenery.


A Quick Bite

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Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!


With Spring Break come and gone, it seems like the nothing is left but the home stretch until the end of the school year.

I can't even recount where the first half of spring semester went seeing as it pretty much flew by in the blink of an eye!

Nonetheless, in a last ditch effort to get the most out of my time left here in Boston, I have renewed my initiative to get out and explore more of the surrounding neighborhood.

longfellow banner.png

Whats up, Clauds? is a new series that chronicles the funny, off wall, and sometimes reflective experiences of Claudia, a Simmons Student just trying to make it to her next class.  

Are you there, Housing Selection Gods?


It's me, Claudia, just one of the many first-years counting down the days until Housing Selection with an equal mix of delight and dread (8 days for rising sophomores at the time of writing, in case you were wondering).

Giving back is warmer than the snow!

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Contributed by: Marlena Vitali

Alternative Spring Break:

Simmons Builds is a organization here on campus which allows students the opportunity to spend their spring break doing something against the norm. Instead of going to a beach or on a road trip with friends, 13 Simmons students and 2 faculty members spent the week in Kent County, Michigan. Here they spent Monday through Friday working with the local habitat for humanity to help build homes for three different deserving families.