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Putting on an Event

Plan your event

The Student Organization Resource Room contains many useful supplies which student organizations can use for their events and activities. These include decorations, art supplies, teambuilding materials, and games. You can download an overview of what is available in the Student Organization Resource Room. Please stop by the Office of Student Leadership and Activities for more information.

Please note the following policies:

  1. Items can be borrowed for a maximum of ONE (1) week and must be returned to the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.
  2. Student Organization Accounts will be charged for the cost of replacing any items that are NOT returned.
  3. Organizations will be asked to return the items to the resource room and put them away neatly.
  4. Items should be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed. If water is used in the vases, the vases must be DRIED before being returned.

Request Catering

Aramark Dining Services provides catering service for campus events ranging in size from small informal meetings to campus wide events. Our catering manager is available to work with your office and help plan a superior event. Please feel free to contact the catering manager by emailing or calling (617-521-2904) with any questions. You can also access the full catering menu online.

Request President Drinan

If you would like President Drinan to attend your event, an executive board member of your organization must fill out the Event Sheet for the president and submit it to the director of Student Leadership and Activities no later than 14 business days prior to the event.

Reserve the Karaoke Machine, Popcorn Machine, or Balloons

Student Organizations are welcome to borrow the Office's Karaoke Machine or Popcorn Machine for their events. Organizations are responsible for reserving these items in advance, and making any arrangements to have the items moved to and from the event location.

Requests for moving can be made by contacting the Facilities Service Center.

Work order requests may be submitted in the following ways:

*New!* Online via our web form

Phone: 617-521-1000 (x1000)


Please make sure to request that the machines are moved the day before or day of an event and returned the day following the event.

Organizations can use the Helium tank and balloons, but are limited to a total of 200 balloons per academic year, in order to ensure fair and equitable uses of the resources among all student organizations. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities has a supply of balloons and ribbon which includes many different colors. However, if you are looking for a specific color, we encourage you to check with the Office to ensure that we have that color in stock.

Reserve the OSLA Table (formerly the "Bake Sale Table")

Student organizations may reserve the OSLA table in the Fens Lobby for bake sales, cake-cuttings, and other food-related giveaways, through the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

Please note the following policies.

  • Items cannot call for heat or refrigeration (i.e., salads or desserts with cool whip or mayonnaise, raw food that must be cooked, casseroles that need to be heated).
  • There is no cooking permitted at the bake sale table.
  • Bake sales can ONLY be held in the Fens Lobby. Organizations should reserve dates through OSLA for bake sales and other food related giveaways.
  • Organizations may reserve the OSLA table for traditional bake-sale fundraisers only once per semester.
  • Organizations may use the OSLA table for promotional food distribution (such as a cake-cutting) in the same semester they have a bake sale.
  • Only one organization per day may have a food-related fundraiser or giveaway.
  • Organizations may not reserve another table with the Conferences office for the purposes of food-related fundraising or programming in the Main College Building before confirming with OSLA.

OSLA Table Schedule

To reserve the OSLA Table, please visit the Office of Student Leadership and Activities and request to reserve the OSLA table. To see which dates are available, use the blue arrows to scroll through the calendar.

Promote your event or sell tickets

Publicize your Event

Be sure to publicize your event by creating an event or announcement on the Simmons Portal and Sharklink:

Sell Event Tickets in the Box Office

Student Organizations may sell their tickets or other items from the Student Box Office. Please provide the Office of Student Leadership and Activities with physical tickets for the event, sign-up sheets, and any particular instructions for how the items should be sold (e.g. to Simmons students only). If you have any questions, please e-mail or call x2423.

Request Event Parking for Visitors

Student Organization Visitor Parking Request

Please review this information below prior to submitting your request.

  1. You can only request parking on the Academic Campus.
  2. On your request, please indicate whether you are requesting free parking vouchers (typically for parents/alumnae that come to large events, or for performers or speakers where parking is part of their agreement) or discounted parking vouchers (for vendors or businesses with whom you are working or other circumstances). In some cases and at its discretion, OSLA may determine that a request for free parking vouchers should be instead covered by discounted parking vouchers.
  3. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities will submit the request on your behalf to the parking office. When we have received confirmation of your parking approval, we will notify you and set aside parking passes for your organization to pick up from the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.
  4. Please note that parking vouchers are only intended to be used for the date and timeframe for which they were requested. Tickets will expire once the timeframe of your request has expired and guests will be responsible for paying the $50 no-ticket fee if using an expired ticket.
  5. Please allow 1 week for small orders (visitors, performers) and 2 weeks for large orders (events where you are inviting parents, alumnae, etc.)
  6. This form is ONLY to be used to request parking for official organization business, and not for personal use.

Submit a Student Organizations Parking Request