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Move-in: Grad/Dix

Congratulations, you're almost here! This page will give you a sense of what to prepare for your arrival for the start of the semester. This is the information for the 2014-2015 year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Welcome Newsletter

This newsletter contains information about the residence staff, FAQ, a handy "what to bring" list, fire safety information, an academic calendar, and more!

Move-In Days

Moving DayYou will be able to check in and pick up your keys at the Office of Residence on Sunday, August 31st 1pm-5pm and Monday, September 1st 10am-5pm . You can also check in Tuesday-Friday during regular business hours, 8:30am-4:30pm Please note: Check-in outside of these times will not be allowed. Students who arrive outside of these designated times will be charged if they have not made prior arrangements with our office.

Please refer to the residence campus map for building numbers and directions to get to campus:

Moving in

When you arrive on campus, you can go to the Office of Residence Life on the Residence Campus to pick up your key and start moving into your room. If you do not already have your Simmons ID you will check out a temporary ID until you pick up your Simmons ID from the Campus Card office.

There will be 15-30 minute temporary parking available in the Bartol Hall parking lot next to North Hall. Please be considerate of other students who are moving in and keep your unloading times to a minimum. After you unload your belonging, please move your car to a more permanent parking stop. There are parking garages in the area, and street parking on Brookline Ave. We discourage parking or leaving vehicles unattended on Pilgrim Rd. as this is a "resident only" parking location for the Kenmore/Fenway area and is subject to ticketing by the city of Boston without the appropriate sticker.

When the college reopens after the Labor Day holiday you will  go to the Campus Card Office located in the basement of the Main Campus Building to get your Simmons ID card made. Once you have your ID card, which also will give you access to your Residence Hall.

Carts Available

Moving carts and dollies will be provided to help graduate/Dix Scholars students move into their halls. The carts will be available from during move in times from 30 minutes after we open until 30 minutes before we close (see move-in times above). You will be able to sign out one of these carts at the Office of Residence Life. You will need to leave a valid Driver's License or other form of government issued ID while you use the cart. Due to the limited number of carts available, there will be 30-minute limit to the use of the carts, so that all students will be able to utilize the carts.

Simmons ID

 You can now submit your photo for your Simmons Student ID online. When you submit your photo online, your ID will be ready for pick up at the Office of Residence Life when you check in.  Go to the Campus Card site for more details about how to upload your photo (login required).

Resources and More Information

The Grad/Dix Housing webpage on the Campus Life site includes frequently asked questions, costs and fees, and information about Special Housing Accommodations.

A "What to Bring" check list.  Don't forget to also read your College Housing License Agreement to review the prohibited items!

Interested in renting a Microfridge for the academic year? To reserve a Microfridge for 2014-2015, please go to or call 1-800-637-7567. Orders must be received by August 19th and the Microfridge will be delivered to your room prior to your arrival on campus. Students can rent these combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave units for only $185 for the academic year or $108 for the semester or purchase one for $389-$399.

Your Fenway Card: Did you know you can add money to your Fenway Card to make purchases on- and off-campus at over 75 different locations? The card features a prepaid spending account - "Fenway Cash" - which allows you to make easy, cashless purchases with just a simple swipe! Watch your email for more information on how you and/or your parents can add money to your card and be ready for all your fall purchases. Visit for more info.

Choose your Meal Plan

Fall resident students must pick their own meal plan by going to the Simmons Connection website, LOGGING IN, and clicking on the AARC link at the top of the page. Once in the AARC menu, select the "Meal Plan" link on the left. This will take you to a screen where you have the option to do a "Meal Plan Change." Click on the "Meal Plan Change" link. Click on "Confirm/update Meal Plan". From the drop down menu select the meal plan of your choice, then click the box below to confirm. This plan will be assigned to you for the fall. However, if you pick a particular meal plan and want to change it, you may do so in the same screen in AARC until September 20, 2014.
The meal plans are:

  • 225 meals and 100 dining points per semester + 10 guest meals
  • 185 meals and 150 dining points per semester + 10 guest meals
  • 145 meals and 200 dining points per semester + 10 guest meals

A majority of students find that 225, 185, and 145 meal plans meet their needs.  For those students who desire additional meals we now offer an option allowing a student to purchase additional meals at the beginning of the semester at a reduced rate.
These additional meal plans are:

  • 250 Meals (225+25 additional meals); 100 Pts Additional Charge: $127.50 ($5.10 per meal)
  • 275 Meals (225+50 additional meals); 100 Pts Additional Charge: $240.00 ($4.80 per meal)
  • 290 Meals (225+65 additional meals); 100 Pts Additional Charge: $292.50 ($4.80 per meal)

If chosen, students will be billed for this option after September 18th.  Please note that the balance of meals listed above do not transfer to spring semester. Under all plans students receive 10 guest meals.

If you are uncertain of whether you would like to add additional meals at this time, you can always purchase meals and points later in the semester by purchasing a Simmons Choice plan through the campusdish site.

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