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Bostonis an accessible city with a well developed public transportation system. Walking and using the public transportation system, called the "T" (short for MBTA — see ), are both highly recommended as you become familiar with the city. Driving can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the area. The following briefly describes your transportation options:

Taxis or Cabs: convenient and widely accessible across the city but can be expensive. It is standard practice to tip the driver 10-15% of your fare. Rates are standardized and based upon time and length of trip.

BostonCab: (617)536-5010

Traveling to and from Logan Int'l Airport

Cabs will cost approx: $40-45.00 from the airport to the 24 hr. Simmons Residence Hall at:

255 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

(Please make note of above address so that you can access the Residence Campus 24 hrs. a day.)

Public Transportation: Easily accessible from Simmons and inexpensive, the MBTA or the "T" offers an extensive system of trains and buses throughout the greater Boston area. Monthly T-passes can be purchased at a discounted rate for Simmons students through the Office of Student Leadership and Activities each semester. Such passes offer a savings off the T's daily fares if used each day. Be sure to price out your transportation costs based on usage to ensure greatest savings. Simmons College Main College Building is nearest to the Green E-Line Museum of Fine Arts stop and the Orange Line Ruggles stop. Simmons College Residence Campus is nearest to the Green D-Line Fenway Stop or the Green D-line Longwood stop.

Car: If you are planning to purchase a car consider the limited availability of parking and cost of insurance. Parking will not be available to those students living on campus or to any student until late fall. This is due to the construction of the new academic building. Parking is limited in the city, and you may need a resident sticker issued by the city to park in certain areas. Insurance rates are based upon your place of residence and are high for those living in the city. Public transportation is both more efficient and less expensive than driving in the city of Boston.

Q & A on Obtaining an International Driver's License

Zipcar : Zipcar is a company that provides on-demand access to self-service transportation. Zipcar rents cars by the hour and has several convenient pick-up locations in Boston. The College has a partnership with Zipcar that allows Simmons students, faculty, and staff to join Zipcar for a $25 annual fee. Students must be over 21 to rent a Zipcar. For more information or to rent a Zipcar, please visit

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