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Safety Issues

In case of Emergency:
From any campus phone, 24 hours per day you can dial extension 1111 in case of emergency (or 617-521-1111 from a cell phone). For emergencies off campus, dial 911. Any problems or concerns (either on or off campus) may be directed to Simmons College Department of Public Safety at 617-521-2289.

Living at or near Simmons means you are living in a large city. It is important to be mindful of your personal safety.

  • Do not carry large amounts of cash.
  • Do not travel alone after dark.
  • If walking at night, stay on busy, well-lit streets.
  • If carrying a purse or any type of bag, keep it close to your body.
  • Do not display money, jewelry, or other valuables.
  • Do not let strangers into your residence hall or apartment building unescorted.

(Note: Public Safety provides walking escorts to any Simmons location from any other Simmons location, including the Beacon Street dorms and Back Bay Manor. To request a walking escort, please contact Public Safety at extension 1112. Don't hesitate to call anytime.

Telephones located at the front entrances of each residence hall and at various locations on the Main College Campus and the Graduate School of Management may be used to dial any Simmons College extension. The red "emergency" button on each telephone automatically dials the Security Control Center. There are "emergency only" phones located on the light poles in the MCB parking lot which dial directly to Security Control Center. They display the exact location of the origin of the call for Security who will dispatch a patrol unit to the scene immediately.