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There are many area banks located near the Simmons Campus. Listed below are just a few of the larger chains that can be found almost anywhere in Boston. To decide which one best meets your banking needs contact a banking specialist at one of their branches. In order to open a checking/savings account you may either visit one of the bank's branches in person or visit their website and fill out an electronic application. Many banks require a social security number when opening up an account so please visit the Office of the Dean for Student Life in order to begin the process of obtaining one.

Wire Transfers

Money may be transferred into or out of your bank account for a fee.  These transfers are recommended as a secure and fast way of sending money to and from other countries or around the US.  You must first check with your bank for specific fees associated with a wire transfer

When making an outgoing wire transfer to another country you will be required to know the account number, branch address, SWIFT number and IBAN number associated with the receiving party's bank. Not all countries require an IBAN number so make sure to contact the receiving bank and they will be able to tell you what their number is and if they have one. You will also have to obtain the SWIFT number directly from the receiving bank.