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Internship at the Forsyth Institute!

FoFBlogForsyth1.pngHi everyone! It's been quite a while since I've blogged! So many things have been going on lately and junior year is stressful but very exciting at the same time! Last spring I managed to land an internship at the Forsyth Institute to participate in dental research. I knew I wanted to explore the dentistry field in more depth so I thought, why not explore it by going to the root of dentistry: research!

I began interning in the summer and I have already learned so many new things about tooth development as well as new lab techniques! I am updating my wiki lab space page from Dr. Richard Gurney's Organic Chemistry courses and putting in new protocols I have learned. Last week I observed a post-doc extract teeth from a wild type mice and analyze teeth development stages. The teeth were so small it made it difficult to believe that it was real!


Right now I am reading a textbook called Oral Histology to educate myself about the research that is going on in the lab. At the end of the semester I will be presenting in the lab meeting about what I have learned for this semester. I am hoping that I can learn quickly so I could do more hands-on experiments. I plan to continue and write my senior thesis here and I have already confirmed with the PI (Primary Investigator) about the continuance of my internship at the Forsyth during this summer; I just need to find a job that will allow me to stay in Boston!

In addition to the lab, there are also many seminars with guest lecturers who come to the Forsyth Institute and speak about their research and recent findings. Not all the presented research is dentistry related but all of them are very interesting. I think this is truly a great and unique opportunity to be a part of the Forsyth Community. I hope that my time here will help me obtain a better understanding of the dentistry field and help increase my lab skills and experience!

This is a website I found online about dental hygiene for kids! I thought it was such a great way to teach the public more about the importance of oral health care! Check it out when you have a chance!

Posted by Sandy Lor on October 10, 2012 2:25 PM
Category: Academics