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The Re-start of My Art!

Hi everyone! I just had lunch with a couple of my colleagues and right now I am sitting outside enjoying life. I've come to a point in my life where I am just truly grateful for who and what I have in my life.

I am taking time to just enjoy everything today. Often times, I find myself so caught up in my daily activities that I don't put in the time to just sit outside and do nothing. When I do get the chance (or give myself the chance to do so), like rare occasions like today, it just feels so nice and relaxing. I like looking at details that I normally wouldn't get the chance to enjoy. I especially find the interactions between people quite fascinating and watching other people laugh and smile makes me feel happy inside (and I am not a stalker). I spent about fifteen minutes circling the beautiful water fountain to figure out what the story meant. I'm sure people thought I was nuts.

I still haven't lost the artistic side of me. In my AP English class in high school, we had to analyze books and interpret the meaning of the story. There were times where my imagination would get the best of me and I found myself completely off track, making a fool out of myself. But with art, you really can't go wrong. Every idea is accepted and the more bizarre, the better.

Some of my readers might think I'm crazy when I say this, but I think I want to start painting again. I know what you're thinking...well, I mean I know what I am thinking: "Where am I going to find the time"? And I have a great answer for that. I will make time. While I am young and still able to enjoy my time with not too many responsibilities, I want to be able to meditate and stay at peace with my inner chi.

FOF Restart of the Art.jpg
I used to get lost in a painting and be able to relieve any stress I had with every brush stroke and lately, I haven't been able to feel that satisfaction of completing a master piece of stress or emotions. You know what? I have four more weeks in Ann Arbor and I may as well take advantage of the beautiful campus. What the heck! I'm going to start sketcing! I will post up my latest artwork if you're interested in seeing what I come up with. Do you have any suggestions of what I should paint?

Here is a photo of one of my paintings from my Art-Colors course with Professor Colleen Kiely. It was a great class and I can't wait to take painting with her. If you would like to see more of my old or new artwork, let me know! :)

Posted by Sandy Lor on June 7, 2012 11:01 AM