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SGA hosts LRC & Inducts New E-board


The new Eboard of SGA '12-'13 (from right to left):
Like Minds Co-Chair: Amy Concannon, VP of Finance Elect: Abigail Field, VP of Student Affairs: Sandy Lor (me), VP of Internal Affairs: Roxanne Groomer, President: Stormy Walker, VP of Communications: Chloe Davis, VP of Academic Affairs: Priyal Goyal, VP of Finance: Kaleigh Duggan, Like Minds Co-Chair: Ahalia Persaud (not pictured: VP of Marketing: Megan Chamberlin)


Simmons College Leadership Recognition Ceremony is an event at Simmons hosted by the Student Government Association where student leaders are recognized. This year's theme was Students Celebrating Students and is one of my favorite events at Simmons!

Molly Maidman, the VP of Academic Affairs for 2011-2012, and I have been planning the LRC for five months to celebrate the hard work of our peers! It was such a magical event and it was great to see everyone come together and celebrate each other. I learned so much from Molly this year, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with her! Believe me when I say, she is amazing!

If you can't tell already, I love SGA and the people that I work with. The Executive Board this year is one of the strongest E-boards that I have ever been a part of. Everyone truly cares about each other and we really support each other. I am so glad that I was part of something so special. This year I was reelected as the the VP of Student Affairs, and I am honored that the student body is putting their trust in me to voice and address their concerns. After one year of experience serving as a senator and my previous experience of being the VP of Student Affairs, I definitely have some new goals for myself for the upcoming year.

Goals for my position as the VP of Student Affairs:

  • 1. Attend one event of each organization and talk with the organizations to listen to their concerns and feedback.

  • 2. Plan the Connections Carnival (student organization fair) and the Leadership Recognition Ceremony successfully!

  • 3. Clearly define the role of the VP of Student Affairs.

  • 4. Create the best VP of Student Affairs transition folder!

  • 5. Try to make a positive impact on the community and remember to continue to make Simmons an inclusive and welcoming community for all.

  • In this video is the new SGA E-Board 2012-2013 for the upcoming academic year!

    Congratulations to all the student leaders and all the award recipients! Molly and I extend our special thanks to our advisor Susan Chudd, Director of Office of Student Leadership & Activities the SGA 2011-2012 E-Board members, the Simmons staff, administrators, and the Office of Student Life that supported us and made this event possible!

    Posted by Sandy Lor on May 4, 2012 11:06 PM
    Category: Clubs & Organizations