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ACS stands for American Chemical Society. This year, the Simmons Chemistry and Physics department allowed ten students to go to San Diego to present their research projects. Luckily I was part of this group.

It was my first time in San Diego, and my first time at a National conference! We got to visit the beautiful city of San Diego and eat crepes!!! On an academic level, we learned a lot by listening to professors and other students present their projects. One of the most impressive projects, I believe, was about regenerative medicine. One of the professors explained how through the study of chemistry it was possible to regenerate heart muscles after heart damages.

It was amazing discovering other students' work from all around the country. Even students from Puerto Rico were present. It felt so empowering to see so many different faces and yet chemistry brought us together. I definitely want to participate in many other conferences and do more research. We are so lucky to attend a school that supports each of our dreams and financially provides us with great opportunities like attending the American Chemical Society Conference.


Quote of the day: " All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individual" Albert Einstein


I just found out that I am officially graduating with my bachelors in May 2013. This is insane! I'm terrified, and so many questions of whether I should go to Grad. school, or work, or take a year off, are floating through my head! Ahhh!! This has been a roller-coaster of a year, and this news is so unbelievably exciting, so I just need to relax, and enjoy the fact that I'm finishing a year early!

Anyway, both of my internships are going amazing, and I love working with youth, so hopefully that will help me decide where I work in the future! I am also living out my dream by living in Boston this Summer to take two classes! I can not wait to go to Red Sox games, go to Boston Common, and just relax in the beautiful sun! Happy April!!!!!

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