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Week 2: Check!


Now that the second week of this semester is rounding off, I am beginning to adapt to my new schedule filled with 5 new classes, organization meetings, and fun events! This week started out sweet with Class Council 2014's "Welcome Back Cake Cutting". We also conducted a short survey at the table to gather feedback from our classmates about events they would like to see happen on campus and their top choice for our class trip this April. After compiling the results, New York City was the most common choice. Last year we went to Newport, RI for our class trip which was lots of fun, and we hope this year's trip will be even bigger and better! Stay tuned for more details!

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are my most hectic days, thus I have even started packing my own lunch those mornings; I am now a PB&J chef! Luckily, my Fridays are shorter than they have been for the past two semesters. Last semester, I had a 3 hour physics lab every Friday, and the Spring semester before that I had a 4 hour Organic Chemistry I lab every Friday!

As for this weekend, I'll be busy preparing for my 2 exams and 1 quiz that I have next week. And of course, I am excited for Super Bowl XLVI! Go Pats!

Posted by Tania Bajwa on February 3, 2012 4:24 PM