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The Simmons Voice: Attack on Soiree

(Picture on page 10 from the Febuary 9, 2012 issue of the Simmons Voice)

My roommate can attest to the fact that I truly enjoy sitting at my desk and catching up with the Simmons Community by reading our weekly newspaper, The Simmons Voice. I enthusiastically grab one wherever I see it, and am sad that I have not had too much time to read it this semester. However, this week's editorial piece attacking the annual Simmons formal event filled with dinner and dancing, Simmons Soiree, caught my attention. The figure (that I posted above) accompanying the editorial piece summed up the article pretty accurately since the article expressed negative views about the event. Not only did this piece address last years Soiree, but it also bashed this year's Soiree - primarily about its theme, the ticket price, and ignorance towards the opinions of the student body while planning the event.

This article seemed too harsh to me, especially since this year's Soiree has not even happened yet!!! It is ignorant to judge a book before you've read it; a movie before you've seen it; a place before you've been there; and an event before you've attended it.

Being a part of Class Council where a bulk of our efforts are spent in planning and organizing events for the Simmons Community, I understand the time, energy, and effort that goes into planning such a large scale event. Thus, it is important to be careful not to criticize when you do not know all of the behind the scenes logistics and need for executive decisions to be made.Yes, some people were not satisfied with last year's Soiree, but I am fairly certain that more students would be disappointed if CAB did not put together large events such as Soiree.

I think it is great for the Simmons Community to come together at large events and enjoy each others company outside of the often stressful college environment. Yet, I agree with the editorial image that more can be done to make Soiree a more fun event. Maybe having some raffles, a dance-off, musical entertainment by Simmons professors, different activities, or cute (free!) event memorabilia would make Soiree more enjoyable and attract more people to go.

Although I think it was unkind to dampen the mood of all the people involved with planning Soiree who were also so greatly looking forward to it, I am glad to see Simmons students fearlessly taking the initiative to express their real opinions.

Posted by Tania Bajwa on February 9, 2012 11:46 PM
Category: Campus life