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Faces of the future

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Above is a picture of my family's 2 pet fish!

While almost everyone at Simmons is away for the long weekend, I did not go anywhere, but had visitors come to me! My 2 visitors are my family's 2 pet Beta fishies! Why do I have to take them in to live with me in my already tight quarters? Well, because my family is on vacation in Palm Springs, California for 10 days without me (or the fishies for that matter). The fishies and I are keeping each other company since my roommate and friends are away as well.

My family bought these fishes for my younger brother in December. They are both male Beta fish - infamous for fighting and killing each other if housed in the same tank, hence the need for the divider in the picture above. I have to say though, that I enjoy feeding them and observing them more than my brother does, so I am happy to have them with me for the next couple weeks! Sadly, these fishies are still nameless, so feel free to throw out any clever ideas!

Posted by Tania Bajwa on February 18, 2012 3:41 PM